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Notre Dame Regional Conference Program
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AAEEBL Midwest Regional Conference 2016

University of Notre Dame
May 11-12, 2016

Wednesday May 11:  starts at 1 pm
Thursday May 12:  all day


 (Program can also be viewed at this Google Doc site:


Midwest Regional AAEEBL Conference 2016

Hosted by the University of Notre Dame


Wednesday, May 11th


1:00-5:00pm                        Registration                                                                                     McKenna Atrium

1:00-1:50pm                        Group Visit to Snite Museum of Art                                                 Snite Museum

2:00-2:50pm                        Notre Dame Campus Tour                                                               McKenna Atrium

3:00-4:45pm                        Opening Colloquium: Trent Batson, presider                             McKenna 100-104

5:00-6:00pm                        Opening Reception (Morris Inn)                                                       Joyce-Hesburgh Room                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Thursday, May 12th                                                                                                All Locations below are in McKenna Hall


7:45-11:00am                     Registration                                                                                        Atrium

7:45-8:20am                        Breakfast                                                                                            Dining Room

8:30-9:45am                        Welcome and Keynote Address from Daniel Hickey (Indiana University)             Auditorium


                  Keynote: Open Digital Badges + ePortfolios: Searching for and Supporting Synergy


10:00-10:50am                  First Session: Section A – Badges as Signals                                                                             Auditorium

                  1.  Examining the Role of Digital Badges in a University's Massive Open Online Course

                                    Liz Anthony & G. Alex Ambrose (University of Notre Dame)

                  2.  Transforming ePortfolio Credentialing With Open Digital Badges

                                    Joshua Quick & James Willis III (Indiana University)

10:00-10:50am                  First Session: Section B – Portfolios in Service Learning                                                 100-104

                  1.  Bringing Internships and the Extracurriculum Out of the Shadows through Capstone ePortfolios

                                    Tyrone Freeman (Indiana University, Lily Family School of Philanthropy)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Richard Turner (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis)

                  2.  ePortfolios & Digital Badges to Motivate and Engage Service Learning

                                    Kyle Lantz (University of Notre Dame)


10:00-10:50am                  First Session: Section C – Integrative Assessment with Portfolios                                      112-114

                  1.  Integrative Student Assessment in the First Year Experience through Analytics, ePortfolio, and Digital


                                    Maureen Dawson, Trunojoyo Anggara & G. Alex Ambrose (University of Notre Dame)


11:00-11:50am                  Second Session: Section A – Learning Goals in Portfolios                                                Auditorium


                  1.  Integrative Learning through an e-Portfolio in a Capstone Course

                                    Cynthia Williams (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis)

                  2.  Flipped Finals: Assessment As Learning via Culminating ePortfolios

                                    Chris Clark, Elena Mangione-Lora and G. Alex Ambrose (University of Notre Dame)


11:00-11:50am                  Second Session: Section B – Privacy and Information Sharing                                           100-104


                  1.  An Institution-Wide Approach to Recording Verifiable Student Activities for the Higher Education

                  Achievement Report (HEAR)

                                    Gail Ring (PebblePad)

                  2.  Ethics, ePortfolios, and Badges: Envisaging Privacy and Digital Persistence in Student-Level Learning


                                    James Willis III & Joshua Quick (Indiana University)


11:00-11:50am                  Second Session: Section C – Makerspaces and Making Spaces for Growth                                    112-114

                  1.  Open Maker Portfolios: Documenting and Assessing Making

                                    Anna Keune & Kylie Peppler (Indiana University) Kylie Peppler is co-author but is not presenting.

                  2.  Charting a Path to College: Exploring the Use of ePortfolios in Early Outreach Initiatives

                                    Staci Hundt & Rachel Wallace (University of Notre Dame)


12:00-12:50pm                                    Lunch                                                                                                            Dining Room


**NOTE: Coffee, tea, and snacks will be available from 1:30-5pm in the Atrium**


1:00-1:50pm                        Third Session: Section A – Writing and Reflection                                                               Auditorium


                  1.  Beyond Peer Review: Promoting Writing Proficiency through a Collaborative Writing Task Design as

                  Evidenced in ePortfolios

                                    Kirstin Helstrom & Daniel Hickey (Indiana University)

                  2.  Fostering First-Year Success through an ePortfolio

                                    Cathy Buyarski (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)


1:00-1:50pm                        Third Session: Section B – Portfolios for Advising                                                                        100-104                                                                                                                              


                  1.  Use of ePortfolios in Advising Pre-Health Students from First Year to the Finish Line

                                    Vicki Toumayan (University of Notre Dame)

                  2.  Incorporating ePortfolios into Advising Practice

                                    Michelle Smith Ware & Trunojoyo Anggara (University of Notre Dame)


1:00-1:50pm                        Third Session: Section C – Capstone Peer Assessment                                                                112-114

                  1.  Peer Assessment in Constructing Final ePortfolios:  Helping Future Social Workers to Develop

                  Professional Identity

                                    Shelley Schuurman & Scott Berlin (Grand Valley State University)

2:00-2:50pm                        Fourth Session: Section A – Program and Personal Development                                               Auditorium

                  1.  Buckeye Badges: A Pilot Project at Ohio State University

                                    Tim Rhodus & Ernest Witney (Ohio State University). Ernest Whitney is co-author but not presenting.

                  2.  Show your SPuRS: Bridging Academics and Co-Curricular Professional Readiness

                                    Cindy Wagner & Geralyn Heystek (Western Michigan University)                                  


2:00-2:50pm                        Fourth Session: Section B – Professional Portfolios with Badges                                       100-104

                  1.  Competency Based Badging and ePortfolios for the Youth and Adult Workforce in Philadelphia

                                    Andrew Stutzman (Drexel University - Digital On-Ramps)

2:00-2:50pm                        Fourth Session: Section C – Portfolios to Document and Reflect                                       112-114

                  1.  Advancing the Profession & Optimizing Patient Care--Using a Digital ePortfolio to Demonstrate

                  Learning and Professional Growth in Pharmacy Students              

                                    Susan Gardner & Rebecca Linger (Univ. of Charleston School of Pharmacy)

2:55-3:15pm                        Vendor Session                                                                                                                                                112-114

                  1.  Technology to Better Engage Learners

                                    Katie Kalmus (LiveText Inc.)


3:20-4:10pm                        Fifth Session: Section A – Badges for Engagement and Assessment                           Auditorium

                  1.  Credentialing the Entrepreneurial Mindset

                                    Rebecca DeVasher, David Henthorn & Ross Weatherman (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)

                  2.  Balancing Summative, Formative, and Transformative ePortfolio Functions within Participatory

                  Learning and Assessment

                                    Daniel Hickey & Kirstin Helstrom (Indiana University)

3:20-4:10pm                        Fifth Session: Section B – Competencies and Development                                                   100-104

                  1.  Evidence of Knowing: Using ePortfolios to Highlight Student Competencies

                                    Neil Green & Nick Fahnders (Kendall College; Laureate Universities)                                

                  2.  Badges as Connected Credentials for Faculty Professional Development

                                    Suraj Uttamchandani & James Willis III (Indiana University)

3:20-4:10pm                        Fifth Session: Section C – Capstone and Curriculum                                                                  112-114

                  1.  Using an Eportfolio Project to Assure Learners’ and Teachers’ Confidence about Student Mastery of

                  Professional Competence

                                    Scott Berlin & Shelley Shuurman (Grand Valley State University)


4:20-5:10pm                        Sixth Session: Section A – Competency Through Badges                                                                    Auditorium

                  1.  Where ePortfolios and Open Digital Badges Work Better

                                    Daniel Hickey & James Willis III (Indiana University)

4:20-5:10pm                        Sixth Session: Section B – Credentialing Through Badges                                    100-104

                  1.  What's in your wallet? Digital Badging as the Common Currency in Professional Credentialing

                                    Ginger Malin (BadgeCert) (cancelled)


4:20-5:10pm                        Sixth Session: Section C – Learning Over Time                                                             112-114

                  1.  Making Learning Visible from High School through Graduate School

                                    Evangeline Harris Stefanakis (Boston University)

5:15-5:30                                Closing Colloquium                                                                                                             Auditorium


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