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3/2/2017 » 3/3/2017
Northeast Regional Conference 2017 at Pace University

7/24/2017 » 7/27/2017
AAEEBL Annual Conference

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Trent Batson Ph. D., AAEEBLTrent, AAEEBL Founder, has recently announced his retirement. Click on his name and wish him well!

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"Member" vs "Membership" -- for better or worse, our management system distinguishes between "member" -- simply registered at the site -- and membership -- a paid membership in AAEEBL.  It's a built-in tautology.  We work with it.

  1. Member:  you are registered for free at as an "individual site participant."
  2. Individual Membership:  you have paid $125 to become a member of AAEEBL with full privileges
  3. Institutional Membership:  you are a member of AAEEBL through your institution

Paying Members receive significant discounts at AAEEBL conferences (nearly equaling the cost of membership!), have access to AAEEBL projects such as The Field Guide to ePortfolio Project, a collaborative project with AAC&U, IJeP and EPAC, and can join all committees and working groups within AAEEBL. 

Options for becoming a member:

  1. Academics or any individuals interested in the work of AAEEBL:
    1. Individual Member/individual academic member (open to all who are interested). 
  2. Academic institutions
    1. Join as an Institutional Member(4),
    2. Institutional Member(10) or
    3. Institutional Member (Inclusive)
  3. Corporate
    1. Corporate Partnerships -- at various levels of giving.
    2. Corporate Sponsor -- again, at various levels. 
    3. Joining as an individual

To become a paying member of AAEEBL: 

  1. If you already have a login, but are not a paying member, and are at your "manage profile" page, you can click on "membership" and then choose to "upgrade membership" and one of your options will be "individual academic member." 

  2. If you login and are prompted to upgrade your membership, click on "manage profile" in the right sidebar.  As above, click on the membership icon.

  3. IMPORTANT:  when you select "individual member" as your member type, you must then ALSO choose "individual academic member" as your membership category.  Doing that will then allow you to pay the $125 USD membership fee and become a member.

  4. If you are interested in your institution becoming a member (and it is not already a member), you can arrange that also.  This will need to be coordinated through the AAEEBL office -- contact Trent Batson.  

For those of you who are at AAEEBL member institutions, you may be able to become an AAEEBL individual institutional member (if you are not already) by registering here at the AAEEBL site as an "individual site participant" and then letting me know so I can then change your category to "individual institutional member." 

Registering at this Site as a Non-Member

You do have the option of registering here at this site as a non-member ("individual site participant") to receive notices about professional opportunities. You will have limited access to some resources but without the full access that members have.  Please do register, but also consider joining AAEEBL. 

Institutional Memberships

Another membership option is to have your institution join AAEEBL, offering a lower cost individual membership under the institutional membership umbrella.  AAEEBL has been supported by institutional memberships for its entire life.

You can find all membership options from your current status in AAEEBL by clicking on "upgrade your account" when you "manage my profile."

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