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AAEEBL Annual Conference 2016
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AAEEBL Annual Conference
August 1 to 4, 2016
Boston, MA USA

Beyond the Box:  Liberating Pedagogical Creativity with Eportfolios

Innovations in Learning, Assessment, Endorsement of Learning, and Career Building



Lodging at the Sheraton Boston, the Conference Hotel, is available. Click here. 


Program click here.  The schedule for the Conference is posted. 


Registration is open.  Click here to go to the AAEEBL page to register for the AAEEBL Boston Conference.  AAEEBL members will receive a promo code to use for the AAEEBL member discount through a special mailing.  That mailing went out on April 7 to members only.  "Membership" applies to AAEEBL individual members and AAEEBL institutional members. 


[Conference Evaluation Form has been added to the bottom of this page; you can fill it in after the conference]


Instructions for Registering:

  1. If you have registered with Campus Technology before, the site will have your info.
  2. One question to respond to is confusing:  "SOURCE CODE" -- simply type in "AAEEBL."
  3. The membership promo code for discount (the code sent via email to AAEEBL members) is on a subsequent page of the registration site.
  4. Members:  when you get to the check out page and the costs are shown, THEN put in you promo code and the member discount will be shown.  If you have problems, call the number posted at the registration site.

Members will see a $200 USD discount applied to the total. 


Deadlines for registration discounts:

  1. Early Rate until June 20, 2016
  2. Regular rate until July 31, 2016
  3. "Onsite Rate" after June 21, 2016
  4. At each deadline, the registration rate increases by $100 USD. 

AAEEBL Member Pricing
AAEEBL Members Full Conference

Early rate $ 645.00 5/20/16 6/20/16
Regular rate $ 745.00 6/21/16 7/31/16
On-site rate $ 845.00 8/1/16 8/4/16

AAEEBL Members Full Conference
with Workshops

Note: Full conference plus 2 workshops
Early rate $ 870.00 5/20/16 6/20/16
Regular rate $ 970.00 6/21/16 7/31/16
On-site rate $ 1,070.00 8/1/16 8/4/16

AAEEBL Non-Member Pricing
AAEEBL Non-Members Full Conference

Early rate $ 845.00 5/20/16 6/20/16
Regular rate $ 945.00 6/21/16 7/31/16
On-site rate $ 1,045.00 8/1/16 8/4/16

AAEEBL Non-Members Full Conference with

Note: Full conference plus 2 workshops

Early rate $ 1,070.00 5/20/16 6/20/16
Regular rate $ 1,170.00 6/21/16 7/31/16
On-site rate $ 1,270.00 8/1/16 8/4/16

Keynotes: Randy Bass and Bret Eynon, Georgetown University and LaGuardia Community College; Kathleen Yancey, Florida State University; Daniel Terry, Texas Christian University; and Jessica Chittum, East Carolina University

Randy Bass          Bret Eynon          Kathleen Yancey   Daniel Terry         Jessica Chittum



Educators have had visions of more active and student-centered learning for decades but those visions have bumped up against the limitations of the technologies available in those decades, which was the limitation imposed when knowledge is represented (and shared) in physical objects (such as paper).  Our culture has now digitally removed many of those limitations, and therefore visions of new forms of learning can be brought to life. Eportfolio is one very powerful way to do that.


ePortfolio Use Continues to Grow

The EDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) annual international survey of undergraduates and information technology has included questions about eportfolios since 2010.  Results indicate eportfolio adoption has expanded to the point where most undergraduate students use an eportfolio at some point in their college career and ten percent of all students in 55 countries use eportfolios in most or all of their courses.


That means that millions of higher education (and K-12) students are using eportfolio technologies. This expanding use of eportfolio technology suggests that we need to know more about the ways eportfolio is being used – what’s behind this continuing growth in use of eportfolios?  


What is the Significance of the Spread of ePortfolio?

Is eportfolio a new learning strategy taking advantage of the digital revolution in the 21st century? Is eportfolio part of the move to a more student-centered, personalized form of learning?  Is eportfolio providing better assessment of student competence?  Is eportfolio providing an important vehicle for credentialing and for career building? Is eportfolio becoming an important new literacy? Is eportfolio becoming a means for institutional accountability? Is eportfolio an essential part of emerging narratives and curriculum concerning digital identity?


AAEEBL’s Annual Conference will, through its sessions, address these questions and more.  What seems to be happening is that eportfolio practitioners are moving “beyond the box” and imagining new learning designs and practices. 


ePortfolio as an Enabler

Over AAEEBL’s seven years of existence, presenters at the AAEEBL Annual Conference have demonstrated a very broad array of uses for eportfolios in higher education in the U. S. and internationally.  ePortfolio, providing a consistent and persistent student-owned repository over a college career and beyond, with the ability to create multiple web views (that is, websites) from the repository, has been tailored to so many different uses that we can conclude that eportfolio has become a major enabler of significant innovation in higher education world wide.


ePortfolio, by making it possible to display multi-modal evidence of learning (video, photos, text, graphics, etc.), and by making it possible to include among this evidence micro-credentialing (open and digital badges), and therefore providing a rich picture of a learner’s learning experiences – curricular, co-curricular and non-curricular – is meeting the challenge today of providing a much more holistic and authentic documentation of the learning journey.


ePortfolio is Also It's Own Learning Space

But, even beyond serving that particular challenge, eportfolio itself is a learning space, providing a vehicle for learners to reflect on their own learning and to integrate diverse learning experiences into their own story – how does my learning fit together?  What did it mean?  Perhaps that eportfolio provides one more means to develop college level higher order thinking.


And A New Discourse Form

And, even better, the eportfolio discourse form – the repository underlying the basis for a coherent website for a specific purpose – is a 21st century representative form.  Creating an eportfolio in and of itself is not only a vital learning experience, but is becoming a way to learn how to engage in a newly critical literacy.  


Let's Take Stock of ePortfolio in 2016

The Annual Conference this year is taking stock, a reflective and integrative exercise, just as we ask our students to do, responding to the year-long AAEEBL effort to create The Field Guide to ePortfolio along with our partners on the publishing project, The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), The ePortfolio Action and Communication organization (EPAC), and The International Journal of ePortfolio (IJeP).  Since April, 2015, in the ongoing webinar series, “What is the ePortfolio Idea?” these four organizations have collaborated to find responses to that taking stock question: after all, what do we stand for in the eportfolio field?  Why has the eportfolio idea become so important to innovation in higher education?


April 12, 2016:  the program for 2016 will be posted in a few days.  We will feature about 75 sessions over a three and a half day period from Monday workshops starting at 8:30 to Thursday closing plenary ending at 12 noon. 


Use the form below after you have attended the conference and provide feedback for us to improve the next conference.  

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