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Episilen Webinar Q&A
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EPISILEN Webinar Forum: Questions and Answers

How would a faculty member provide feedback to matric entries?

[EPSILEN]: A faculty member can easily provide feedback to matric enteries through the Assessment process, which we will demonstrate in detail as part of our follow up webinar. For information on attending the webinar please send your contact information to

Can students generate their own and invite people to review their own work using rubrics they developed?


So in the learning matrix students are just uploading files and a file for reflection? Can multiple people complete a rubric, I see comments for feedback? Could you explain a little more about the matrix and then what is reported from it? Summary of rubric scores across a program for example?

[EPSILEN]: The Epsilen Learning Matrix is a comprehensive management tool for both formative and summative learning assessment. A student may use the Learning Matrix to collect, select, reflect upon, and present their learning accomplishments in a very easy-to-use web-based x,y grid format. An academic administrator may use the Learning Matrix to create a degree-based or campus-wide learning matrix template that students may use to create their matrix. An academic assessor may use the Learning Matrix to securely review and assess student learning outcomes and skill proficiencies both formative and summative. Beyond the individual learner level, the academic assessor may use the Learning Matrix to gather metrics on institutional performance that will supply the data to be reviewed in Epsilen’s Assessment Portal (separate solution). In order to full address your questions it would be best if we could do a separate walk-thru of our Learning Matrix and Assessment Portal tools for you so that you can determine which tool best fits the needs of your program/school.

Can you say more about the flexibility of the rubrics, integration capabilities, scale flexibility, etc?

[EPSILEN]: Rubrics: Rubrics are a way to define learning outcomes at various levels of mastery for the courses they teach. The Epsilen Learning Matrix is a way to track a student’s progress against those learning outcomes, and to showcase examples of work that demonstrates mastery. Integration: Epsilen maintains strong relationships with the key industry technology. We have a reseller agreement with SunGard Higher Education, and are an integration partner with their Banner suite of products. We are a Blackboard Learn development partner, and a Blackboard Collaborate integration partner. Epsilen also offers a Single Sign On (SSO) API to be able to integrate with other vendors. Scale Flexibility: The Epsilen Engagement Management Solution has a robust, scalable architecture and can support millions of users in its cost-effective SaaS hosting model. We will be scheduling a follow up webinar to look specifically at Matrixes and Rubrics. If you would like to attend please send your contact info to

How do you handle required portfolio elements? e.g. The program requires students to complete annual reflections following a specific format.

[EPSILEN]: Reflections are part of the Learning Matrix, you can also require students to use various parts of their ePortfolio in order to complete their Matrix as well.

Can we see a sample report - how detailed are the reports?

[EPSILEN]: Analytics are integrated throughout the Epsilen system. There are several different types of reports and we would be happy to do a more detailed walk-thru for you. Please contact us at

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