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7/24/2017 » 7/27/2017
AAEEBL Annual Conference

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2013 Conference Program
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The ePortfolio Field Coming of Age:Knowledge, Research and Practice

AAEEBL Annual ePortfolio Conference

Tuesday - Thursday
(July 30 - August 1)

Tuesday July 30, 2013

8:00-8:30 AM


8:30–9:20 AM

Concurrent Sessions - 1

P&A:TA1Curiouser and Curiouser: Pushing Faculty to be Students to Encourage ePortfolio Pedagogical Breakthroughs, Jordi Getman Eraso, Kate Culkin, Bronx Community College.

P&A:TA2Back to school: Accompanying future teachers on their first steps in a new role,Nadine Scholz, Regina Bruder: Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany, Working Group Didactics and Mathematics.

P&A:TA3‘What if I don’t want to submit an e-portfolio?’Mike Mimirinis, Nicky Torrance; Middlesex University, UK.

AAC&UP&A:TA4Integrative ePortfolios: Teaching and Learning Integrative Leadership, Patrick Green, Ashley Kehoe; Loyola University Chicago.

P&A:TA5A focus on students: Engagement and guidance, Jennifer Ford; Deakin University, Australia.

P&A:TA6The Limits and Opportunities of ePortfolios to Document Teaching Skill in an Alternative Route to Teacher Certification Program, Kendra Hearn; University of Michigan

P&A:TA7Mentoring and Monitoring Interns Using an Innovative Structured Portfolio,Kathleen M. Phillips; California State University San Bernadino; Ramesh Sabetiashraf; RCampus.

T-R&S;TA8What type of media is used in ePortfolios?, Kristina Hoeppner; Catalyst IT, New Zealand

P&A:TA9 Beyond (M)ePortfolios: embedding process portfolios in the assessable curriculum,Shane Sutherland; Pebble Learning [Non-Platform Academic Presentation]

New:TA10ePortfolios and Student Success: Preparing Students to Pursue a Career in Healthcare, Pat Lord, Jolie Tingen; Wake Forest University; Janice A. Smith; Three Canoes.

9:20-9:40 AM


9:40-10:30 AM

Concurrent Sessions - 2

P&A:TA11Who Owns the ePortfolio? Tensions between Institutional Assessment and Student Autonomy and Control, Michael J. Cripps, Catherine Frank, Lauren Levesque, James Muller;University of New England; Michael B. Smith, Shakira Dale; York College CUNY.

P&A:TA12National Society for Experiential Education Principles and Ethics as Foundational to Experiential Learning, James Walters, Montgomery College; Ronald Kovach; President, National Society of Experiential Learning

P&A: TA13Meeting the psychological needs of students: Motivating ePortfolios,transformers in disguise, Ken Robinson, Katrina Strampel, Jacqui Patten; Edith Cowan University, Australia.

T-R&S: TA14ePortfolios as a Catalyst for Change in Teaching: A Case for Faculty Development, Alison Carson, Jim Frank, Gillian Hannum, Sherie McClam; Manhattanville College.

New:TA15Badges as Alternative Credentials: Beyond the Basics, Bill Wisser; Harvard University.

10:45 AM -12:15 PM

Plenary Opening – TA16: Randy Bass and Bret Eynon


Exhibit Hall Open


Lunch in Exhibit Hall


Special Session - TA17: David Shupe


Poster Sessions

P&A:P1From Start to Finish: The integration of the ePortfolio in the Graduate Capstone Journey,Johnna Herrick-Phelps, Michelle Capozzoli, Scott Stanley; Granite State College.

P&A:P2Design. Document. Iterate : ePortfolios as the Foundation of a Media Design Program, Catherine Lewis Cannon; Hostos Community College CUNY

P&A:P3The Story Line:Using Narrative to Deepen ePortfolio Thinking in Developmental Reading and Writing Courses at a Community College, Cheryl K Siemers, Scott M Downing; Kenai Peninsula College, Alaska.

P&A:P4Using Course E-portfolios in the Sciences to Improve Assessment and Student Engagement, Karla Smith Fuller; The New Community College

T-R&S:P5ePortfolios and Learning from the Students’ Perspectives, Christine Bachen, Andrea Brewster: Santa Clara University

New:P6Representing Institutional Lives in ePortfolios: Learning from Life Writing, Lisa Shea; University of Hawaii at Manoa.

New:P7Fluid and Dynamic Representation of Professional Identity as Teacher: E-portfolio Project, Diane E. Lang, Diane W. Gomez, Jim Frank; Manhattanville College

New:P8Generating Buy-In and Engaging Faculty in Integrative Learning and Authentic Assessment using ePortfolios, Carrie L. Cokely, Sarah Smith, Patty Kean, Wendy Ostroff; Curry College.

P&A: P9Coming alive using details beyond the one dimensional,Jannette Urciuoli, Sandra Sacrestano;Queens Community College
R&S: P10Using ePortfolio for Educational Purposes, Maha Alawdat; Indiana University of Pennsylvania
New: P11A practice of an evidence-based first year experience in a Japanese University, Ryuichi Matsuba, Shin-ichiro Kubota, Junko Nemoto, Aya Watanabe, Riken Homma; Kumamoto University, Japan.

New:P12Starting an ePortfolio: a Multidisciplinary Approach,Lana Zinger, Alicia Sinclair, Isabel Lizzul; Queensborough Community College

P&A:P13Constructing a Course Community with ePortfolio, Courtney Kelly; Manhattanville College.


Concurrent Sessions - 3

P&A:TP18Empowerment, the Other 'E' in ePortfolio: Mutual Accountability in Successful Student Learning, Ellen Zeman, Tawnya McDonald; Champlain College

P&A:TP19E-Portfolio assessment and students’ reflections on learning outcomes in a second language program, Marta Antón; IUPUI.

P&A:TP20ePortfolios and the Senior Year Experience: Integrating Past, Present, and Future, Susan Kahn, Karen Ramsay Johnson; IUPUI

T-R&S:TP21Does ePortfolio Have a Future in the College Admissions Process?, John Regan, Boston University.

New:TP22Lifelong ePortfolios for Constructing Robust Digital Identities - Cruel Illusion or Emerging Vision?, Don Presant: Learning Agents.

P&A:TP23Literacy Skills for ePortfolio Success, Janice A. Smith; Three Canoes; Paul Treuer; University of Minnesota Duluth.

P&A:TP24Go big or go home: Using ePortfolios for metacognition, reflection, motivation, community, and assessment in a large-scale, fully online class, Kevin Kelly; San Francisco State University.

P&A:TP25Reorganizing Ours(h)elves: A New Look at ePortfolio Reflection & Synthesis, Laura Elmer; Auburn University.

New:TP26Building a Board of Business and Industry Advisors for Internship Experience and ePortfolio Review :Stony Brook's Classroom to Career Initiative,Nancy Wozniak, Gary Halada; Stony Brook University.

New: TP27Engaging Freshmen and Alumni through Expanded Advising Programs, Lourdes Andrade, Helen Chen; Stanford University.


Concurrent Sessions - 4

P&A:TP28The Successes (and Challenges) of Using ePortfolio to Teach about Asia: Reports from the Humanities and Social Sciences,Howard Sanborn, Jenny Ramirez; Virginia Military Institute.

P&A:TP29Using ePortfolios to Collaborate with International Partners: Queens College in Vietnam,John McLaughlin; Connect EDU (Was Epsilen); Donna Gruber; Queens College CUNY.

AAC&UP&A:TP30AAC&U ePortfolio Resources and How to Access and Use,Terrel Rhodes, AAC&U; Wende Garrison; Virginia Tech.

P&A:TP31Countering labor market imperfections with ePortfolios: A new perspective, Ronald Lievens; Tilburg University, Netherlands

New:TP32The Seven Year Itch:Re-visioning our ePortfolio Program,Gail Ring; Clemson University

P&A:TP33The Narcissus Quandary: The Possibilities and Limits of Teaching Reflection, Ian Porter, Kris Kellejian; University of Washington Bothell

P&A:TP34"Filling a Need":the Use of Eport for Competency in Pediatric Dentistry, Melinda L. Meadows, Joan E. Kowolik; Indiana University School of Dentistry.

P&A:TP35Identity and Authority and Capstone ePortfolios in an Emerging Discipline, Tyrone McKinley Freeman, Richard Turner; IUPUI

New:TP36Self-Ownership and Direction: a Modular Model of ePortfolio Implementation, Eric Hoffman; Stetson University.

New:TP37ePortfolios in the Co-Curricular Context: Tailoring Reflective Practice to the Whole Student Experience, Deb Mexicotte; University of Michigan.


Exhibit Hall Reception


Research Committee Meeting
(by invitation)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

8:00-8:30 AM


8:30-9:20 AM

Concurrent Sessions - 5

T-R&S:WA38Coming of Age: The Need and Process for Developing a Conceptual Model to Guide an ePortfolio Implementation, Cathy Buyarski, Susan Kahn; IUPUI

P&A:WA39ePortfolio Empowerment: Reflective Student Learning with Practical Purpose, Penny Finley; Florida Gulf Coast University; Katie Kalmus; LiveText.

P&A:WA40Using the ePortfolio for Competency-Based Program Assessment in Social Work, Lisa McGuire, Carolyn Gentle-Genitty, Erika Galyean; IUPUI School of Social Work

T-R&S:WA41Electronic Portfolios As Living Portals: A Narrative Inquiry into College Student Learning, Identity, and Assessment, Celeste Fowles Nguyen; Stanford University

New:WA42Learning by Doing: A Faculty Learning Community Approach to ePortfolio Implementation,Catherine Ross, Kristi Verbeke, Jolie Tingen, Brenda Knox: Wake Forest University.

New:WA43The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:Lessons Learned During the First Year, Michelle Capozolli, Johnna Herrick-Phelps, Scott Stanley; Granite State College.

P&A:WA44The Integration of Digital Creation, Curation, and Collaboration through Web 2.0 ePortfolios, Julie Delello, Rochell McWhorter; The University of Texas at Tyler.

P&A:WA45Closing the Loop with ePortfolios and Program Assessment Aimed at Improved Learning, Debra Dunlap Runshe; Purdue University; Julie Meek, Jennifer L. Embree, Judith A. Young; Indiana University.

T-R&S:WA46Evidencing Learning: The Value of ePortfolios to Learning at Deakin University,Kylie O’Brien, Kathryn Coleman, Jo Coldwell-Nielson, Scott Beattie; Deakin University, Australia.

P& A: WA47eFolio Thinking Protocols as Predictors of eLearning Objectives,Bruno Kappes, Mi Cao; University of Alaska Anchorage.

9:20-9:40 AM


9:40-10:30 AM

Concurrent Sessions - 6

P&A:WA48Moving toward a Comprehensive Model: Assessing University Level Learning Using ePortfolios, Nan Travers, Amy McQuigge; SUNY Empire State College.

P&A:WA49Eportfolio Therapy:Conversations with the Out of Practice Team, Laurie Poklop; Northeastern University; Wende Garrison; Virginia Tech; Candyce Reynolds; Portland State University; Tracy Penny-Light; University of Waterloo; Judy Patton; Portland State University; Gail Ring; Clemson University.

New:WA50Baby steps, buy-in, competitions and champions: Enabling ePortfolios, transformers in disguise.Katrina Strampel, Jacqui Patten, Susan Main, Ken Robinson; Edith Cowan University, Australia.

T-R&S:WA51Integration Under The Microscope:Research on Which Portfolio Practices Encourage Integration, Lisa McNair, Wende Garrison; Virginia Tech.

New:WA52Peer Facilitation: The Next Step in Weaving ePortfolio into the Fabric of Your University,Lauren Atkins Budde,Stacie Edington,Amy Homkes-Hayes,Carrie Luke,Thomas McGuinness,Deb Mexicotte, ShariLynn Robinson-Lynk; University of Michigan.

10:45-12:15 PM

Plenary Session -- WA53 Helen Chen and Gary Brown

12:15-3:30 PM

Exhibit Hall Open

12:15-1:15 PM

Lunch on your own

1:00-2:00 PM

Special Session - WP54: Melissa Peet

2:00-3:00 PM

Ignite Sessions

P&A:IG1Mahara ePortfolios for K-12 Principals and Superintendents: Producing Deep Learning and Standards Based Practice, Joseph L. Elder, Alvernia University.

P&A:IG2eSocial Work:Transitioning a "lackluster” research paper assignment into an "extraordinary” collaborative eportfolio experience,Karen Y. Watkins, Terri Lewinson; Georgia State University.

P&A:IG3Achievement Unlocked: ePortfolio in Game Design Education,Seth Andrew Hudson; George Mason University.

New:IG4Year One: Lessons learned from the implementation of a campus-wide eportfolio initiative, Kerri Shaffer Carter; Westminster College.

P&A:IG5Researching around the World: Connecting and Collaborating as ePortfolios researchers through the AAEEBL I.R.G., Kathryn Coleman; Deakin University.

P&A:IG6Writing Process as Product:A Programmatic Multimodal Writing Model Using ePortfolios,Cynthia Davidson; Stony Brook University

New:IG7Supporting or Enabling: Developing a Sustainable Support Model for ePortfolio Initiatives, Debra Dunlap Runshe; Purdue University

New:IG8When The Teacher Becomes The Student: Lessons Learned using ePortfolio in the Tenure and Promotion Process, Jim Frank, Diane Gómez; Manhattanville College

P&A:IG9The Hybrid Blogfolio: Developing Skills and Showcasing Identities, Geoffrey Middlebrook; University of Southern California.

P&A:IG10Program ePortfolio Projects at CUNY School of Professional Studies, Mariette Bates, Barbara Walters; CUNY SPS.

New:IG11Integrative Learning with ePortfolios:It Takes a Village!, Nancy Wozniak; Stony Brook University.

3:00-3:50 PM

Concurrent Sessions - 7

P&A:WP55Conversation with Candyce Reynolds and Judy Patton, authors ofLeveraging the ePortfolio for Integrative Learning: A faculty guide to classroom practices for transforming student learning; Portland State University

P&A:WP56Expanding the Reach with ePortfolios: Inviting High School Students into the College Environment, Debra Dunlap Runshe; Purdue University; Michael Yard; IUPUI.

P&A:WP57Evidencing attainment of graduate attributes through active student-centred ePortfolio approaches, Kim Hauville; Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

P&A:WP58Developing Capacity for Assessment of Authentic Evidence through an ePortfolio, Cathy Buyarski, Cynthia M. Landis; IUPUI

New:WP59"Who’s Doing Portfolios?”:Learning About Our Portfolio Population Through an Annual Census, Carrie Luke, University of Michigan

P&A:WP60Using ePortfolios to engage learners in games design and development at an Australian University, Sophie McKenzie, Kathryn Coleman; Deakin University.

P&A:WP61Aligning portfolio assessment criteria to competence: An inter-rater reliability experiment gone wild, Kathryn Wozniak, Gretchen Wilbur, Michelle Navarre Cleary, Michael Sarmiento, Kaitlyn Fitzsimons, Steffanie Triller Fry; DePaul University.

P&A:WP62Using the electronic Personal Development Plan (ePDP) and Student Ambassadors to Encourage Reflection Among Pre-Professional Undergraduates in an Experiential Learning Program, Brandi Gilbert, Evan Torline, Jeremy Sherer; IUPUI

New:WP63Mind the Gap: Preparing Students to Address a Lifetime of Deficits in Learning, Experience and Credential,Heather Hiles; Pathbrite; David Cumberbatch, ACT.

P&A:Can ePortfolio Usage on Campus Grow Organically? One University's Experience, Ron Scott; Walsh University.

P&A: WP65Teaching and learning with portfolios is not just for students. Using ePortfolio to support our tenre and promotion process, Angela Snyder, Notre Dame of Maryland University; Jennifer Brown King; Florida Southern College; Gigi Devanney; Chalk & Wire
T-R&S WP66:Keeping college students motivated with their ePortfolios : Learnings from students at MIT and the University of Michigan College of Engineering, Susann Luperfoi; MIT; Stacie Edington; University of Michigan, College of Engineering; Emily Keller-Logan; Seelio.

4:00-4:50 PM

Concurrent Sessions - 8

P&A:WP67What Faculty Can Learn from ePortfolios: Mentoring Those Who Are Not Like Us, Miriam Marty Clark, Francine M. Parker, Pamela Stamm; Auburn University.

New:WP68Gateway to Learning: Establishing ePortfolios @ Bryant University, Laura Kohl, Bob Shea; Bryant University

P&A: WP69Building Reflective Practices into Faculty of Education Programs, Bridget Levac; Desire2Learn; Joan Butler; Memorial University, Canada.

New: WP70Transitioning from an Assignment to an Effective Professional ePortfolio, Bonnie Sanderson, Francine Parker; Auburn University.

New:WP71Social Pedagogies: The Intersection of ePortfolios and Academic Social Networking, Debra Dunlap Runshe; Purdue University; Mengyuan (Alice) Zhao; IUPUI.

New:WP72Getting Started with ePortfolios: An Organic Process, Maureen Andrade; Utah Valley University

T-R&S: WP73Structural measures of undergraduate eportfolios, Benjamin R. Stephens, Clemson University.

New:WP74Improving student social business skill sets through eportfolio development and utilization, Cindy Stevens; Wentworth Institute of Technology.

New:WP75Visual Design: Why it Matters & How to Make it Better, Geoff Leigh; Foliotek; Carrie Luke; University of Michigan

New:WP76Digital Badges as a Way to Credential and Form ePortfolios,Amy McQuigge, Nan Travers; SUNY Empire State College


AAEEBL 2014 Program Committee Meeting

for Annual ePortfolio Conference

(by invitation)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

8:15-8:45 AM


8:45-9:35 AM

Concurrent Sessions - 9

P&A: Th77Using ePortfolios to Promote Collaborative Teaching and Learning in First-Year Seminars, Gillian Greehill Hannum, Sherie McClam; Manhattanville College

P&A: Th78Meeting Professional Standards:Using ePortfolios for Learning and Teacher Preparation, Cathy Hutchings; School Chapters; Linda Novak, Fayetteville Technical Community College.

P&A: Th79ePortfolio Peer Mentors at Virginia Tech, Marc Zaldivar, Teggin Summers; Virginia Tech.[50 Minutes]

New: TH80Developing a Professional School Counselor’s Disposition with an ePortfolio, Debra Dunlap Runshe; Purdue University; Yvonne Larrier, Indiana University South Bend.

New: Th81Why use ePortfolio?, Joan Butler; Memorial University of Newfoundland.

P&A:Th82Creating a Prior Learning Assessment ePortfolio Development System on WordPress, Steve Covello, Liz Gauffreau; Granite State College.

P&A: Th83Three Models Using Generative Knowledge Interviewing with ePortfolios to Support Student Development:Challenges and Successes,Judy Patton, Candyce Reynolds, Aimee Shattuck; Portland State University.

T-R&S: Th84Scaling Up:Documenting ePortfolio Progress, Beth Gordon Klingner, Linda Anstendig, Samantha Egan; Pace University.

New: Th85Integrating eTranscripts and ePortfolios for a Comprehensive Student Record,Celeste Fowles Nguyen, Reid Kallman; Stanford University.

9:50-10:40 AM

Concurrent Sessions - 10

P&A: Th86A metacognitive approach to mapping collaborative inquiry through ePortfolios,Kathy Takayama; Brown University.

New: Th87Introducing, Implementing and Integrating ePortfolios into an established academic assessment program,Kelly Whealan George, Tracey Richardson; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

P&A: Th88ePortfolios and Learning:Engaging Students and Building Community through Social Pedagogies,Laura M. Gambino, Tracy Daraviras, Nate Mickelson, Chet Jordan, Jovanny Suriel; New Community College CUNY.[50 Minutes][MOVED to Tues at 9:40]

New: Th89Improve Graduation and Retention Using ePortfolios for Prior Learning Assessment, Kristen Himmerick; CAEL.

T-R&S: Th90Documenting Learning with ePortfolios: A Conversation with the Authors, Tracy Penny-Light; University of Waterloo; Helen L. Chen; Stanford; John Ittelson; CSU Monterey Bay.

P&A: Th91ePortfolio as Emergent Genre, Chris Gallagher, Laurie Poklop; Northeastern University.

P&A:Th92ePortfolio Assessment Shows Greater Student Progress than National Tests Suggest: An Analysis of data from an ePortfolio Assessment Project at the College of General Studies, Boston University, Natalie McKnight, John Regan; Boston University.

T-R&S: Th93Efficacy of ePortfolios and Career Development Learning in Cancer Sciences Course,Jia Lin Yang, Kathryn Coleman; Deakin University; Mita Das, Nicholas Hawkins; University of New South Wales, Australia.

New: Th94University Wide Multi-Program Outcomes Focused ePortfolio Pilot Project, Bruno Kappes, T. Bart Quimby; University of Alaska Anchorage.

11:00 -12:15 PM

Closing Plenary - Th95: Tracy Penny Light


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