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Enabling Deep Learning with ePortfolios: 2013 EPAC-AAEEBL Webinar Series
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    2012/2013 ePortfolio Webinar Series


Links for Web resources for each Corporate Affiliate are below. To find out more about the organization, click on the logo to be directed to their website. Each webinar below includes a description, a link to the recording of the webinar and a pdf of the associated PowerPoint presentation when available. 

List of webinars:


From e-Portfolios to Education Portfolios
January 30 -- Pathbrite

Presenter: Heather Hiles, Pathbrite CEO
Facilitator: Trent Batson, AAEEBL

Session description: Pathbrite addresses a key challenge for educators – holistic assessment of student cognition, understanding, comprehension and knowledge.Traditional learning "tools" have not kept up with the rapidly changing pace of technology to support how we assess students’ mastery of academic subjects, improve their learning outcomes, showcase job readiness and collect evidence for institutional accreditation. Pathbrite’s eportfolio platform offers an easy-to-use and intuitive way for teachers and students to go beyond the bubble test and gain on two fronts. First, they gain a more effective way to evaluate individual student learning performance. Next, they gain institutional metrics to further demonstrate evidence of student learning, but on a larger scale.Heather Hiles will present improved learning outcomes.

Pathbrite Logo


SchoolChapters for Higher Ed: How SchoolChapters Helped Assess Student Learning at Fayetteville Technical Community College
February 13 -- SchoolChapters 

Presenters: Linda Novak, Fayetteville Technical Community College and Cathy Hutchings, SchoolChapters
Facilitator: Trent Batson, AAEEBL
Session description:At Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC), a series of events created a need to prove learning based on national standards in a cohesive format. After evaluating its options, the college saw a need for an electronic portfolio for its Education program that could provide evidence of standards based on learning and house data on a semester-by-semester basis for accreditation.Join Linda Novak, Instructor at FTCC, as she shares her journey with electronic portfolios and takes you step-by-step through the process of evaluating, implementing, and managing an electronic portfolio within her program. She will also provide a demonstration of the ePortfolio she created using SchoolChapters.

SchoolChapters Logo

The Bedford e-Portfolio: Where Showcase and Assessment Meet
February 27 -- Bedford/St. Martin's

Presenters:Melanie MacFarlane, Senior New Media EditorandDavid Mogolov, Director of Market Development, Bedford/St. Martin's
Facilitator: Helen L. Chen, Stanford University and AAEEBL
Session description:This session will introduce the Bedford e-Portfolio, where students can present the story of their unique learning experience, and instructors can easily create and save rubrics, measure learning outcomes, and filter student performance data. Integrated showcase and assessment features combine the presentation space students want with the robust, customizable performance metrics and data that instructors and institutions need. The Bedford e-Portfolio also features expert guidance from the Nedra Reynolds e-books,Portfolio KeepingandPortfolio Teaching.
(The Bedford e-Portfolio is currently in beta release and being class tested in Spring 2013, for sale in the Fall.)

Service Learning: Teaching Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, and Leadership using NobleHour
March 13 -- NobleHour

Presenters:Kristin E. Joos, University of Florida andPia Simeoni,NobleHour
Facilitator: Helen L. Chen, Stanford University and AAEEBL

Session description:This workshop will encourage interactive discussion about effective implementation and management of service learning projects to teach entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and leadership to high school and college students. We will share our experience working with the Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership & Sustainability Summer Program for high school students as well as teaching undergraduate courses on social entrepreneurship using the NobleHour platform to manage and measure their outcomes.

NobleHour Logo

ePortfolio Empowerment: Reflective Student Learning with Practical Purpose
March 27 -- LiveText

Presenter:Katie Kalmus, Director, Client and ProductDevelopment, LiveText and Penny Finley, Ed.D.,
Instructor and ePortfolio Manager at Florida Gulf Coast University, College of Education
: Trent Batson, AAEEBL
Session description:What and how a student learns depends on access to resources, quality of curriculum and instruction, and the process of reflection and progress. This session will demonstrate the ways in which LiveText facilitates the learning process in several ways: helping institutions improve instructor-student communication; facilitating student engagement in collaborative interaction with peers, faculty and people outside the LiveText platform; and assisting students post-graduation with job searching. During this session, attendees will learn how students develop e-Portfolios, how instructors assess them, and how assessment can be enacted.You will see samples from:nursing; the faculty tenure process;strategic planning; education; and business. Finally, you will hear from Dr. Finley on how her college is successfully implementing e-Portfolio requirements, the college's best-practice process for implementing e-Portfolios, and the broader perspectives on how e-Portfolios are being used by students and faculty to facilitate academic and professional growth.
LiveText Logo

ConnectEDU: Performing Learning through e-Portfolios
April 10 -- ConnectEDU (formerly Epsilen)

Presenters: John McLaughlin, Senior Director of Business Development, ConnectEDU; Mekelle Douglas, Senior Business Development Director, ConnectEDU; Dan Kulmala, Professor and Department Chair of Global English, Teagle Foundation Teaching and Learning Scholar, Fort Hays State University
Facilitator: Gary Brown, Portland State University
Session description: Fort Hays State had encountered the following: a dissatisfaction with the classroom and the traditional methods of teaching were not reaching the student; and a real need for digitizing the classroom and engaging students of their generation – they wanted to be more interactive and creative with the course material. This webinar will demonstrate ways this university uses ConnectEDU ePortfolios to transform academic work into meaningful performance-based, flipped learning experiences. Dan will illustrate how implementing the ePortfolio has allowed deeper collaboration with student projects outside the classroom, especially with the use of the Social Learning component. The ePortfolio benefits both faculty and students on a global scale; the system allows for these reflective, meaningful experiences to be uploaded, assessed and discussed among community members across continental borders. These collaborations can illustrate ways to expand experiential learning opportunities with campuses world-wide and lay the ground work for new landscapes beyond the classroom. The session will provide institutions with examples of how universities can use flipped classroom experiences and connect learners world-wiFort Hays State will demonstrate how it uses ConnectEDU's ePortfolio and Social Learning approaches to change the Teaching and Learning experience for students. Dan Kulmala has worked with Mekelle Douglas and John McLaughlin from ConnectEDU to facilitate ePortfolio and Social Learning Technology at Fort Hays State University. Dan will cite examples of how ePortfolios and course delivery have been utilized in a variety of courses, including Global English and writing across the curriculum. Located in Hays, Kansas, Fort Hays State University is a leading forward-thinking, entrepreneurial university of the Midwest. The university has an enrollment of more than 13,000 students and offers hundreds of certificate and degree programs at the associate's, bachelor's and master's levels through 28 academic departments.

ConnectEDU Logo

Generating Individual Student Learning Outcomes and Other Defined Sets of Data with eLumen
April 24 -- eLumen Collaborative

Presenter: David Shupe, eLumen Collaborative
Facilitator: Gary Brown, Portland State University
Session description:Assessing student work in ePortfolios with an eLumen "instant assessing” app essentially indexes student ePortfolios by faculty-defined and student-demonstrated learning outcomes.This resolves the longstanding institutional dilemma of choosing either to attend to individual student development or to generate aggregated assessment data.Do the first systematically, and the second occurs automatically.

eLumen Collaborative Logo

The Ultimate Activity Portfolio: Personalisable, Distributable Portfolios As Online Workbooks
May 1 -- PebblePad

Presenter: Shane Sutherland, PebblePad
Facilitator: Trent Batson, AAEEBL
Session description:In institutions using PebblePad we would identify two broad kinds of portfolio: ‘Me-Portfolios’ that tell a story about their author, and ‘Task-Portfolios’ that use the same technology and approaches but tell a story about something significant the author has done such as an experiment, some research or an internship. This webinar introduces ‘workbooks’ as a major development of task-portfolios designed to significantly deepen the learning derived from experience.

PebblePad Logo

Techniques to Promote Deep Learning with Foliotek

May 8 -- Foliotek

Presenter: Geoff Leigh, Foliotek Director of Marketing; Becki Williams, Dallas County Community College
Facilitator: Trent Batson, AAEEBL
Session description: Over three years ago, Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) focused their attention on rebuilding their core curriculum. At the foundation of this retooling was an emphasis on teaching students how to become lifelong learners. This decision drove DCCCD to pursue a curriculum change that involved using electronic portfolios as the medium for driving deep learning. Through DCCCD’s partnership with Foliotek, both organizations have worked to reshape the learning experience through reflection on experiential based evidence for over 20,000 students. This webinar will discuss how DCCCD implemented these strategies and showcase aspects of their partnership with Foliotek as the eportfolio solution provider.

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