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Announcing AAEEBL Individual Memberships

Posted By Trent Batson Ph. D., AAEEBL, Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Very Important Message to the AAEEBL
and Portfolio Learning Communities

Announcing AAEEBL Individual Memberships, Phase One.


Until now, individuals could become members of AAEEBL only if their institutions joined.  While institutional memberships remain as AAEEBL’s funding foundation, AAEEBL is now introducing a brand new option for the large number of people registered at as “Individual Site Participants,” that is, registered at the site but not actual members of AAEEBL. 

Summary of new individual membership model:

·      AAEEBL Individual Member category of membership in AAEEBL is available immediately.

·      The Individual Member category (“Individual Academic Member” membership) is open only to current “Individual Site Participants,” the category most of you are now in. 

·      Current individual members at institutional member campuses need do nothing as you are already an AAEEBL member.

·      A new model of institutional membership will be phased in after the Annual Conference; it is not yet available.  The current, legacy model of institutional membership will remain open and operational until all institutions have made the transition to the new model. 

·      To make the new Individual Memberships attractive, we are activating a host of capabilities at to build community and increase professional communication within the portfolio learning community.  Non-members will not have access to these new web capabilities and opportunities. 

·      This new membership category provides the professional opportunity for the large number of colleagues who have registered at our site but have not had the ability to join AAEEBL. 

·      How to: 

o   When you login at, and “manage your profile,” you will see one option to click that says “Membership.” 

o   When you click on that, you will see the option to “upgrade my membership.” 

o   When you click on that, you will be presented with many membership opportunities but one of them is “Individual Academic Member.”  That is the new membership option.

·      By joining AAEEBL, you will become a full participant in the Association, able to join in projects, committees, the Board, and also have full access to all the new opportunities for collegial interaction at the AAEEBL website.


Since we launched the new AAEEBL website in late October, 2013, we have had a rich social site to offer to our community, but the social activity (the professional dialog) has not begun yet.  The site has professional communications, career advancement, and collaboration capabilities we have not begun to use.  

We are rolling out the capabilities of the social site that have been kept largely hidden until now.  These capabilities are for members only.  With this rollout, AAEEBL begins to distinguish between “Individual Site Participants” -- who are not members of AAEEBL – and various categories of members, including – now – the new category of member, Individual Academic Member.  If Individual Site Participants wish to continue to participate in all AAEEBL activities, they/you should opt for an Individual Membership. 

Why Will You Want to Join as an Individual Member?

These new capabilities – and other new offerings within the AAEEBL calendar – make membership in AAEEBL more meaningful.  AAEEBL has offered many services for free for a number of years but is at the point where it needs to make most of those services available to members only.  AAEEBL, like other non-profits, depends on memberships for survival and to continue to offer services. 

AAEEBL has been asked to offer individual memberships for a long time and we finally have a web platform that can handle the large numbers that will potentially opt for that category of membership.

Specific capabilities at the AAEEBL Website

Following are examples of what Individual Academic Members (and other member categories) can do on the website (that Individual Site Participants cannot do):

1.     Bulk email other members of any group you are a member of (new activation). 

2.     Search for and exchange messages with other members at the site.

3.     Maintain a blog.

4.     Maintain a member connection list.

5.     Maintain a personal file library.

6.     Post a resume in the Career Center.

7.     Maintain profile pages.

8.     Search job openings in the Career Center (just launched; openings will be posted).

9.     Search resumes in the Career Center.

10. Do blog posts in group homepages.

11. Upload a profile headshot.

12. Upload images to a personal gallery. 

These collegial capabilities, when we all start using them, will build connections within AAEEBL and the portfolio learning field to make us all more unified in support of better learning in higher education. Volunteers from within AAEEBL will help activate and populate these collegial interactions and discussions.

Other Member Benefits Important to Know About

The Batson Blog has been sent out regularly to all who are registered at our website.  In a short while, the Batson Blog will start going to members only. 

The AAEEBL Learner will be sent to members only.  Announcements about this AAEEBL publication will be forthcoming soon. 

Only members can join AAEEBL committees and work groups (for example, the team working on a 2016 publication from AAC&U is for members only). 

The AAEEBL Executive Summit is for members only.  Those of you who join AAEEBL now as Individual Academic Members then become eligible for the Executive Summit, our premier event each year at the Annual Conference, this year on Monday, July 27, from 1 to 5 pm. 

And many more . . .

Why These Changes?

As academics, AAEEBL leaders feel the instinct to share openly and freely.  To a large extent, AAEEBL has done that since it was founded in April, 2009.  But, to sustain AAEEBL past this largely volunteer start up phase, the new membership model is being launched between now and October 1.  This is to assure AAEEBL will continue to serve the portfolio learning community over time. 

This change is also to help AAEEBL add staff to continue to offer more services to the membership. 

Current institutional members and Corporate Partners need do nothing at this point; the legacy renewal model for institutions and companies will remain in effect and each institution will have the option of choosing the legacy renewal model or the new model.  Corporate Partner arrangements will remain the same. This full model will be announced in the next Batson Blog. 

Our Request

AAEEBL has been in operation for 6 years during which time it has become a professional “home” for many people.  AAEEBL, as a non-profit, has been focused on providing services, as is the mission of a 501(c)(3) organization.  Now, to survive another 6 years, and beyond, and to continue to grow, AAEEBL must seek a larger membership base.  We hope you – if you are registered at the AAEEBL site but not yet an actual member of AAEEBL – will decide to join AAEEBL, enjoy the benefits of membership, and help AAEEBL to continue to offer services to the international portfolio learning community. 

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