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4th Annual ePortfolio Research Survey

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IJeP Call for Submission

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Call for AAEEBL Learner Submissions for Fall 2014 Issue

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AAEEBL Executive Summit 2014

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AAEEBL Southeast Regional 2014 at UGA

The AAEEBL Learner
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AAEEBL's Quarterly Publication
The AAEEBL Learner (TAL) resumed publication starting with the July 2014 issue.  This has been made possible with Wentworth Institute of Technology's support.  Wentworth is generously sharing Cindy Stevens as a supervisor to co-op students who will be assigned to production of TAL.  Co-op students will rotate on production of TAL, and while we are standardizing our new format, we expect each student to bring his or her unique talents to their work, so you may see some variation from issue to issue.  An archive of previous issues of TAL is included at the bottom of this page.  Future plans include making an easier-to-access archive of past publications with information about each issue's contents.  

Publish in The AAEEBL Learner

August 30 is the submission deadline for the September 2014 issue of TAL
.  Send articles, images and accompanying resources to Judy Williamson Batson. We are especially looking for articles related to AAEEBL 2014 from presenters and conference attendees including session abstracts and related resources (URLs, slide presentations, etc.) and reflections on learning and conference "take-aways."  We welcome reports and summaries on sessions sharing what you learned as well as responses to sessions that raised questions or suggested new practices, theories or routes to research.  Articles are invited from faculty, academic staff, students and Corporate Partners.

Those who contribute pieces for publication related to AAEEBL 2014 will earn an AAEEBL-issued badge recognizing their contribution to this special issue, a follow-up to AAEEBL 2014 that will provide a resource to both those able to join us in Boston and others who are interested but who could not attend this year.  

Current Issue

The July 2014 issue of The AAEEBL Learner is available for download (PDF about 1.7 MB).  

Current AAEEBL Learner Team

Cindy Stevens, Ph.D
Co-Op Student Supervisor
AAEEBL Learner Columnist

Wentworth Institute of Technology

David Gidley
Co-Op Student
Wentworth Institute of Technology

Judy Williamson Batson

Rob Fabiano
AAEEBL Art Director


Many thanks to our colleagues at Virginia Tech for supporting AAEEBL by producing The AAEEBL Learner for our first five years.  We look forward to working with our friends at Virginia Tech in the future.
Marc Zaldivar, Ph.D.
Virginia Tech
Teggin Summers, Ph.D.
Virginia Tech

Stephanie Tordoff
Student Intern
Virginia Tech

Emily DeNoon
Student Intern
Virginia Tech


AAEEBL Learner Past Issues

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
April 2013 PDF (1.58 MB) Administration 1/10/2014
August 2012 PDF (4.77 MB) Administration 1/14/2014
June 2012 PDF (5.25 MB) Administration 11/5/2013
April 2012 PDF (602.92 KB) Administration 11/5/2013
Feb 2012 PDF (379.14 KB) Administration 11/5/2013
October 2012 PDF (6.8 MB) Administration 11/5/2013
August 2011 PDF (2.14 MB) Administration 11/5/2013
June 2011 PDF (463.91 KB) Administration 11/5/2013
April 2011 PDF (1 MB) Administration 11/5/2013
Feb 2011 PDF (1.64 MB) Administration 11/5/2013
October 2011 PDF (2.95 MB) Administration 11/5/2013
October 2010 PDF (3.24 MB) Administration 11/5/2013
August 2010 PDF (1.34 MB) Administration 11/5/2013
June 2010 PDF (981.46 KB) Administration 11/5/2013
Feb 2010 PDF (924.4 KB) Administration 11/5/2013
December 2010 PDF (924.4 KB) Administration 11/5/2013
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