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Melissa Peet & Generative Coaching: AAEEBL 2014 Executive Summit
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AAEEBL Proudly Presents
The 2014 Executive Summit
Generative Coaching:
Fostering Transformative Learning In People And Organizations

Facilitated by Melissa Peet, Ph.D.
Generously sponsored by PebblePad

Although reflective learning is the pillar of authentic and experiential education, reflection alone is not enough to prepare our learners in any arena for the challenges and complexities they will face in their work and personal lives. In order to be successful in today’s world, people and organizations must know how to continually adapt to change and innovate.  Although change is a significant and constant force in all of our lives, most of us do not understand how it occurs, nor how to effectively facilitate it within ourselves and others.  

Generative Coaching is an inquiry-based method wherein people learn how to recognize the underlying processes of change, and then how to identify and build upon the hidden strengths and sources of intelligence they and others have unconsciously developed simply by adapting to change within their everyday life. 

This session will begin with an overview of Generative Knowledge and Generative Coaching principles, including examples of how these principles can shape integrative learning and assessment through the use of eportfolios. Participants will then engage in a generative mode of inquiry that will help them to recognize some of the hidden strengths and sources of intelligence they have already expressed in their lives.  The session will end with a brief discussion and an explanation of resources participants can use to learn more about Generative Coaching and ways to integrate generative practices into their courses, curricula, programs, workplaces and institutions.

What is "Generative Knowledge"?

The term "Generative Knowledge" refers to the evolutionary strengths and capacities people develop unconsciously as we naturally learn, grow, and adapt to changing conditions and new information across our lifespan. Generative Knowledge provides people with an underlying sense of purpose and direction, and supports us in developing and coordinating different kinds of intelligence. 

Why "Generative Coaching"?

Through Generative Coaching, we learn to:
Discover a realm of intelligence and information that is both essential to change, but largely hidden from view 
Identify hidden patterns and themes across seemingly disparate experiences
Understand the specific internal and external conditions that lead to your own and others’ thriving and success
Understand the specific internal and external conditions that lead to your own and others’ stagnation, distress and despair

The Transformative Experience: Generative Knowledge and Integrative Learning

In order to prepare learners effectively for life, we can coach them to recognize the generative insights, skills and capacities they are gaining directly from their life experiences. This is not an easy task. The Generative Knowledge we are developing directly from our life experience is overwhelmingly tacit and therefore unconscious in nature. A growing body of research shows this tacit knowledge is essential to the development of competent employees, citizens, leaders, and entrepreneurs. It is also a key part of Transformative Learning’s process of supporting students as they connect, reflect on, and synthesize their educational experiences in and outside of the classroom and workplace.

The 2014 Executive Summit Experiential Process:
Moving from the Surface to Demonstration of Learning

Surface -- 
identify and document your own and others’ hidden resources and capacities for creating positive change

Understand the role tacit knowledge (unconscious, hidden invisible ways of knowing) plays in peoples’ efforts to develop new knowledge and skills for change
Learn how to retrieve and share your own and others’ tacit knowledge as it is emerging through a inquiry-based coaching and mentoring processes 
Identify the various types of resources that are embedded in the tacit knowledge of individuals and groups and how these can be used to facilitate change 
Develop knowledge and resources to support your continued use of generative coaching methods and skills in other domains; 
Giving and receiving high-quality feedback and creating positive feed-forward mechanisms that support the growth and well-being of self, others and systems 
Demonstrating the development of your own knowledge, skills and capacities as a Change Agent and Generative Coach through the creation of an Integrative Knowledge Portfolio. 

About Melissa Peet

Melissa Peet, Ph.D., is a faculty member at the University of Michigan in Management and Organizations at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business.  She is known as a dynamic and exceptionally engaging presenter who exemplifies the AAEEBL goal to deepen “experiential learning.”  Many leave her well-received sessions describing them as “transformative” in both business and educational arenas.  She offers concrete exercises and ideas that underscore best practices in learning for those in leadership and supervisory roles as well as for educators, and those who attend the AAEEBL 2014 Executive Summit will leave with many valuable “take-aways” and also have an opportunity to enjoy the yearly opportunity for alignment among AAEEBL’s Institutional Members and Corporate Partners.  

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