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AAEEBL Webinar, Oct 14, Darren Cambridge; ePortfolio is a Genre

10/25/2015 » 10/27/2015
2015 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis

AAEEBL Webinar "What is the ePortfolio Idea?" With Joe Ugoretz

11/9/2015 » 11/10/2015
AAEEBL Southeast US Regional Conference at UGA Nov 9-10, 2015

AAEEBL Webinar "What is the ePortfolio Idea?" With Katie Kalmus, LiveText

Bryan Alexander Webinar; Learners and their Learning Process

AAC&U E-Portfolio Forum

2/29/2016 » 3/1/2016
AAEEBL Western Regional Conference at TCU

Member Spotlight
Darren Cambridge, American Institute for ResearchDarren Cambridge was among the first leaders of the young eportfolio community of practice

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AAEEBL 2015 Events Update
  • This year, all AAEEBL events -- conferences and webinars -- have a common thread:  providing ideas and content
    for The Field Guide to ePortfolio, to be published by AAC&U. AAEEBL members and constituents are taking stock --
    what IS the eportfolio idea? All webinars are recorded. To view the recordings (starting in April, 2015) go to this link.



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