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6/6/2016 » 6/8/2016
AAEEBL/CRA Conference University of Edinburgh, Scotland

8/1/2016 » 8/4/2016
AAEEBL2016 Annual Conference August 1-4, Boston, MA USA

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Rob Ward, Centre for Recording AchievementRob Ward co-hosts AAEEBL/CRA Conference in Edinburgh

Welcome to the AAEEBL Community Online

AAEEBL sees eportfolios as emblems and enablers of energizing change in higher education

AAEEBL is one of three global professional associations in the eportfolio field. AAEEBL was founded in 2009 and,
since then, eportfolio technology has grown in use in higher education globally to the point where millions of
undergraduate students use eportfolios for much of their work. "ePortfolio" is both a technology and a theory-driven
idea. AAEEBL's goal is to help higher education improve by adapting to new conditions wrought by technology
regarding learning and the nature of work. ePortfolio can support a transition to a new form of higher education.

AAEEBL is a non-profit association supported by memberships. The Board of Directors is listed here. The AAEEBL
President is Trent Batson, Ph.D.

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  • Super Early Bird discount for Annual Conference ends May 20.  Register now
    and save $100 off registration -- applicable to members and non-members.
    discounts continue to the time of the Conference.

  • AAEEBL Annual Conference   Keynotes Randy Bass and Bret Eynon, 
    Kathleen Yancey, Daniel Terry and Jessica Chittum; AAEEBL's premier conference
    each year. August 1- 4, Boston, MA, USA. Registration open; Super Early Bird ends May 20
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  • AAEEBL's first international conference in partnership with the Centre for Recording Achievement
    will be held at the University of Edinburgh June 6-8.  Early Bird discount has been extended to
    May 2
    Register and book lodging now.



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Provisioning Learners to be Stewards of Their Own Learning

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